Jewelry Songs

The Creative Process

Personal meeting

Our creative process starts with a one hour skype session with us. We want to hear your story; who you are, how you met,  your special quirks, all the details of your history. We want to know what things you love, what special secrets you share with each other, how you fell in love. As we hear your story, we'll be able to see how to capture your essence in music.  

Musical ideas

In The City

We'll also ask you about your musical interests; your preferences of musical instruments, style, rhythm, and what kind of story you want your song to tell. If there are any special words, specific stories, jokes or title requests, we'll happily include it all in the creation of your song.

 Your lyrics

Based on the meeting, we'll begin to compose lyrics in a style that reflects your personality as a couple. We'll include any special references you mentioned, as well as our insights into your relationship that we caught during our talk. We'll develop the lyrics together with you both until you are satisfied.

Your melody

Once you have approved the lyrics, we will write a first draft of the melody (with voice and piano) and send it to you for approval. At this stage, you can tell us if there is anything you want to adjust, as well as any other ideas you have. When we together have settled on a melody and the right chords, we'll go ahead with the composition of the song.


Now we will set about writing the song in rich detail. At this phase, we'll write out a full harmony, instrumentation, rhythms and begin recording and producing. If you requested specific instruments or a specific singer, we will now tap our collaborative team of musicians to record their part in your song.


Studio Microphone

After your final approval, we will finish producing and mastering the song. You will then receive a digital version (mp3 and WAV file) of your original song to be played at your special occasion and for many years to come. 

When you hear your own song played on your special day, 

it will be a moment you'll never forget

and can replay for the rest of your lives.

Jewelry Songs

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Photo: Anna Barbera