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At Jewelry Songs we think of ourselves as Song Designers, taking every detail about the couple into account as we create their song. From the very beginning to the final product, the process is centered on the special love and personality of each couple. We craft our lyrics from a narrative that comes directly from the couples themselves, designing their song from the ground up. Each song we write reflects the couple's energy and essence, and most importantly, tells their story.

As singers as well as writers, we know the value of words, lyrics, and the power of the human voice to convey the truth of our feelings. It is our greatest joy to bring that to life for each individual couple we work with.

About the composer

Julie Hall has been telling stories through song since she was a child in her native Norway. Her compositional aesthetic calls to mind such moving popular artists as Katie Melua and Tori Amos; but she has a voice all of her own, one that has a uniquely sensitive and intuitive instinct for love. She draws inspiration from great contemporary composers and lyricists, from Alan Menken to Eva Cassidy and Ed Sheeran. In addition to songwriting, Julie composed the musical "Fiket" in collaboration with Arvid Assarsson, in which they both starred in Sweden in 2013, and together with Martine B. Lundberg, she also wrote the official Norwegian translation of "The Last Five Years" by Jason Robert Brown.

She translates feelings and emotions in her own special way based on each unique couple, and uses a wide variety of instrumentation, harmony, melodic patterns and lyrics to get to the heart of each couple’s relationship. Her music is both moving and sensitive, uplifting and joyful, but always reflects the basic love unique to each couple she writes for. 

The music comes to life with the help of our international team of talented musicians and the expert ear of Matt Cuculic. A Berlin based, Argentinian born multi-instrumentalist and producer, Matt has worked with many of the most exciting, up-and-coming musicians on the Berlin  music scene. He has collaborated with Julie for years, mixing and mastering Julie's compositions with sensitivity and careful attention to detail.

Jewelry Songs

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